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Heart-Centered Holistic Healing

About Us

We prefer to be called "Heart-Centered Holistic Facilitators". "Heart-Centered" in Spiritual Psychology is about seeing others through the eyes of Loving and two Divine beings having a human experience to feel or experience the Loving, Healing and Grace that are naturally present when we open our hearts to each other and share the essence of who we are. We use the word "holistic" (which has the same roots as "whole" and "holy") because of the realization that the mind, the body and the spirit cannot be separated when dealing with issues of well-being, development and potential. We also like the term "facilitator" (from the Latin word "facilis" meaning easy/ready/good natured/courteous) because it de-emphasizes the focus, importance and prominence of the practitioner and giving the client the well-deserved credit for the positive changes they make. We are not the one doing the real work - We are getting our egos out of the way and allowing the Universal Life Force energy to work through us and not from us. We are just guiding and easing clients through their own natural processes.